New Projects!

Below are some images from 2 different projects. I'm currently looking for publishers for each. More info to come when I have it.


sign up for the INTREPID mailing list here: MAILING LIST.

Intrepid RPG

I'm currently writing a classic tabletop "paper & dice" fantasy RPG in the vein of D&D. I plan to have an open beta version available in April. The goal of the project is to provide an intuitive / easy to learn RPG that you can download for free and play with simple 6 sided dice you rob from games like Monopoly or Yahtzee.

Digital Comics

My comic "MD Digital 1" is available on my shop for 99¢. You can check it out here: SHOP. There are two stories in the comic. The main story "The Cursed Blade" which is set in the world of my Intrepid RPG. It also has a back up story set in Stone Age Ireland featuring zombies!